Introduction Post

Hi everyone! Welcome to my debut post at WordPress. This will simply be, as the title suggests, an introductory post about this blog. I’ll also be talking a bit about what I’m working on now.

I plan on posting once a week here, usually on Wednesdays. Topics will range from news on my writing, news on the writing world at large, interesting tidbits about writing I’ve found on the Internet, pop culture items that mesh with the types of things I write (horror, fantasy, science fiction, and the like), and other interesting things I feel like posting. Yeah, I guess this blog can be pretty much about anything, though the overall theme will be writing.

At the moment I’m working on two novels (as well as marketing a third to agents and publishers). One novel is a YA modern fantasy tale about a teen finding his soul mate is a dragon, and learning he has interesting powers because of her. I’m in the early stages of revision on that one. I’ve also just started writing an adult supernatural horror novel that I’m excited about. Those two projects (and trying to sell the third) are taking up all of my writing time at the moment, so I’m not currently working on flash fiction and short stories. I do have plenty of shorts you can read over at my other blog: Eric J. Krause’s Writing Spot Check that out if you’d like to see what I’ve already done.

Until next week, I’m going to sign off. My plan for the next post is to talk a bit about music. There is a certain song that really sparked my imagination in starting to write the adult horror story I’m working on, so I’ll post a link to that song and talk a bit about music and writing in general. See you then!


About ericjkrause

I am a speculative fiction writer, who writes flash fiction, short stories, and novel-length work. I have a few ebooks available, and am working on finding an agent and publisher for my current project. I am also hard at work on future novels.

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  1. New blogs are so shiny! I’m looking forward to the glimpses into your writing world at large. In the meantime, best of luck finding the right home for your book. I’m sure you will.

    Take care,

  2. Congratulations on your first blog post! Well done!

  3. Thanks Jess and Melissa! Hope you check back each week!

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